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N0GSG RF Maximum Permissible Exposure Calculator

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01-22-2022 - VERSION 1.01 RE-RELEASED

N0GSG RF Maximum Permissible Exposure Calculator is a lightweight application to make maximum permissible exposure (MPE) evaluation of your ham station a snap.

The FCC requires transmitting stations of all services to have completed an MPE survey, and to have the survey results on file if the station is inspected by the FCC.

This software is a quick and easy way to complete this evaluation (and maintain a permanent record of the work). No matter how simple or complex your station setup is, the N0GSG RF MPE Calculator can take care of your needs.

N0GSG RF Maximum Permissible Exposure Calculator is now available for download. A support donation is requested if you find the program useful. If you have already donated to the project, thank you!

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Latest Software Edition

This is the latest version of the program as of January 22, 2022.

RFMPE Calculator V1.0 - Direct download of program executable, documentation, and help files.

N0GSG RF MPE Calculator Documentation (PDF)  This is the complete documentation for the software in PDF format.

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